Body Evolution Challenge


Lose that excess weight and gain the confidence you have been dreaming about with our Body Evolution Challenge



Before we get into the details of this challenge, it is important to point out that this is not a rapid weight loss plan or a low carbohydrate plan. While there are other companies who will take big risks when it comes to your health, we promote a safe way to lose excess body fat. This challenge is for those who are or want to train in a fitness facility.

Now, ask yourself, have you tried to change your body shape and lost heart because you were training hard, but the body fat just wasn’t disappearing?

The Evolve Fitness “Body Evolution Challenge” is a 12-week exercise and nutrition plan designed to teach you the steps needed to make a positive change – for your body and for your life.

The Evolve Fitness “Body Evolution Challenge” is all about supporting and creating new healthier habits to ensure weight loss success for life.

When you purchase your “Body Evolution” package you are purchasing the collective knowledge and experience of Evolve Fitness, along with current nutrition facts backed by science and years of use within the wellness industry.

Evolve Gym has been a three-time winner of the annual Feilding Business of the Year and is a Gold Member of Fitness NZ. That means, you are getting the best quality information, that will make an impact on your fitness and your health.

When this knowledge and information is applied properly there is no limit to what you can achieve.

It is a proven fact that when you use a structured commercial weight loss programme you have a far greater chance of success. It is also at an affordable price of only $99.00.

These are the reasons you will have a far greater chance of success with the programme:

  • Time proven information.
  • Being around motivated and likeminded people at your gym.
  • Being held accountable for your actions by friends and family.

When you purchase the Evolve Fitness “Body Evolution Challenge” for $99.00 you’ll receive;

  • A 40-page booklet which contains all the information you will need to succeed.
  • 2 weekly programme changes.
  • Informative emails every week for 12 weeks.

And you will:

  • Weigh yourself each week.
  • Measure yourself every 4 weeks.

If you are serious about losing weight, getting fitter and improving your health, then invest in yourself and get the programme now.


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