Our mission is to create a welcoming, fun and inclusive community where people are supported by professionals and develop fitness for life.

Our vision is a vibrant, fit and healthy community of members who live life to their fullest.

At evolve, we are dedicated to helping you reach your ideal self.

If you want to build up your fitness, take care of your health, and raise your confidence, then joining the gym is a great idea. No matter what your fitness goals are, whether you want to get your body ready for summer, or you want to gain a bit of muscle, then training at a gym is the simplest way to get there.

Our staff are friendly, helpful and well-trained. Our trainers are REPS registered, and there are always two staff members on the floor at all times. They work hard to make sure you get everything you need and are always willing to give you a hand. Our place at 18 Gladstone Street is massive, at 2000 metres squared, it is twice the size of our old location. This means there is far more room for training, classes, and events.

24 hour access, seven days a week

  • shermasmaximas
    Great friendly gym - called in for a one off work out - easy as - great equipment. Very spacious, well set out and good air flow. Would be great as my regular gym. Thanks team.
  • Paul Kensington
    Fantastic place and open 24 hours. Great staff
  • Mel Stewart
    Cant beat the atmosphere and service at Evolve
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