the gym

24-Hour Access,
7 Days a week

The gym is accessible 24/7 using our after-hours access door. You must complete a health and safety induction first. Gym staff will not be on-site outside of our normal operating hours.


The Gym

Evolve has the staff members you need who will:

  • Correct your technique if needed, so you can perform exercises safely and effectively.
  • Give you regular, *free programmes and programme adjustments (*Platinum membership), so that you are always moving forward, challenging yourself, and making the most progress possible. (Gold and Basic memberships offer 1x assessment and programme on joining)
  • Lead you in an in-depth analysis of your background and health issues, so that your fitness goals are tailored perfectly for you.
  • Provide you with regular help and advice, whenever you need it.

Our Facility

  • A kid’s area, so that you don’t have to neglect your health even if you have children.
  • A wide range of equipment, from free weights, exercise machines, and racks and benches.
  • Dedicated physiotherapists from Active Physio.
  • An osteopath from Feilding Osteopathy.
  • An osteopath from Every Body Osteopathy.
  • A massage therapist from Physique Continuity, to help you relieve tension and stress.

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Staffed Gym H0urs

Monday-Friday: 6am - 7.30pm
Saturday: 8.45am - 1pm

24/7 Access for Members