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Great news! It seems that we have managed to eliminate the virus in New Zealand.

Over the last few months, we have all had to change what and how we do things that we took for granted.

What does that mean for you now though?
  • the water coolers are now able to be used again
  • the group classes will be able to get back to normal spacings and numbers
  • there are no distancing rules while you are in the gym
  • the sauna is now available (you can now book in for this on the app 24/7)
  • we can do your body measurements again
Also remember to:
  • keep up the good work and continue bringing your towel to place between you and the equipment
  • clean the equipment after you have finished with it
  • keep up the personal hygiene by sanitising your hands on the way in and out
  • washing your hands regularly and
  • coughing and sneezing into your elbow
  • do not come to the gym if you are feeling unwell

It has been awesome to see that, generally, over the last little while we have all been doing our bit to ensure the hygiene within the centre is top of class.

We as a gym will keep with some of the extra practices that we had to instigate for opening at level 2. These are as follows:

  • continue with the extra cleaning and "sanitise fogging"
  • Staff will keep ensuring people are bringing towels and cleaning equipment after use

Some of the changes we will still be continuing with, as it will help with contact tracing should we be required to provide it, like booking into the classes and logging in and out when you come to train (which also helps us when we have to evacuate for health and safety reasons). We are also modifying the way we do our assessments & programmes, which will allow more openings in the booking calendar and the ability for you to book in from the app when you want to.

Booking in with the "Members app"

If you have not as yet downloaded the Members app please do so as there are a lot of features on this in regards to your membership. ios member app or android member app.

You can now book your own appointments for Assessments and Programmes:

We will still send out your 8 weekly reminders and within that there is a link to a questionnaire for you to complete. Once you have answered the questions, let us know by return email or text and you can book in for your measurements to be taken and to be shown through your exercises in one session! This saves you time as you only have to make 1 appointment and you can choose the day and time yourself.

Once you have advised us that you have completed the questionnaire (by return email or text), we will make up the programme based off the goals that you have written. When you turn up for the appointment the first thing we will do is take your body measurements, body composition and blood pressure before going through the new programme.

If you do not want an Assessment and/or a new Programme, you can just ignore the notices and wait for the next reminder in 8 weeks time.

Online bookings for Classes:

We are going to continue to get you booking in for the classes initially for contact tracing purposes during "Covid level 1", as you are generally closer to others for longer periods of time as against when you train in the gym area.

This will also help in the future if you have to travel some distance only to find the class is full, and will be useful for us if an instructor does not make the class for whatever reason, and we can contact you all easily. An Instructor not turning up does not happen often but can happen.

Look forward to the new, almost like the old, freedoms we will be enjoying again and seeing you at the gym soon

Thanks again,
Ross, Christine and all the team at Evolve Fitness

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