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Joining Evolve is simple just call or email us and we will sign you up,
or give us a try with a concession or short term membership

What's the simplest way to lose weight and become a healthier, happier person? Join a gym

It is well known that one of the most affordable and straightforward ways you can reclaim your health is to join a gym. Gyms are not solely packed with supermodels and bodybuilders. They are actually filled with normal, everyday people who want to better their health. And when you decide to join a gym, the next important step is to decide what gym to join.
Here at Evolve Fitness, we offer our people the best possible gym experience. Just read below on what we have, and make the decision for your future. There is also the option of the free, one-day trial, so you can make sure that we are perfect for your needs!

Membership Information

The standard membership at Evolve is one-month long. Longer term memberships are available from between three to eighteen months. We also have discounted prices if you choose to join for six months or longer.

Evolve full membership includes

  • A personal assessment, which involves:
  • Body weight.
  • A health questionnaire.
  • Goal setting.
  • Blood pressure tests.
  • Body measurements.
  • Body composition.
  • Fitness tests.
  • This allows us to tailor a written programme to suit your needs.
  • Your trainer guides you through your programme.
  • Every 8 weeks it is reviewed.
  • There is a free sauna and kid’s area.
  • There are meal plans and a good “choices” food guide.
  • Free Les Mills group and group circuit classes.
Want to give us a try?

Sign up now and you can give us a try with a free one day pass before you sign up for your membership.

Message us and sign up now

Click here to email us directly, give us your name and contact number, then when you hear back from us you can come in and claim your free visit. 1 per person valid for one visit - bring a towel if you are wanting to train on the day you bring in the pass

You can always try a concession or casual rates.

Get your concessions and short term memberships here