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Some Basic Muscle Groups

Pecs - the chest muscles or pectoral. These work when you push, as in a push-up or a chest press.

Lats – short for latissimus dorsi, these are the V-shape muscles on your upper back. These muscles work when you perform pulling down movements.

Delts – the deltoids wrap across the top of your shoulder and come into play whenever you move your arms away from your body.

Biceps & Triceps – the muscles at the front and back of your upper arm.

Quads – the four muscles that make up the front of your thigh.

Hammies – Hamstrings are the muscles at the back of your thigh.

Glutes – the gluteal group of muscles are the ones that you sit on.

Abs – the elusive ‘six-pack’ muscles called rectus abdominus. The Obliques are the ones that wrap around your waist.

Core – the muscles that are found not only in your back and abdominal area but also in your pelvic floor and hips. Strong core muscles keep your back healthy and allow you to maintain great posture.