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Your Goals

Workouts for all

When you join Evolve Fitness you get a personal assessment and a programme written specific to your goals. These are written by our quailified trainers after your first full assessment, we will then show you how you can preform the exercises in your programme correctly. These are rewritten every 8 weeks so your body does not get used to doing the same things all the time and helps keep you on track with your goals.
whether you want to ...

Lose the KIlos

Attempt less, achieve more – that’s our proven programme.

At Evolve we’re big believers in baby steps.

It took longer than you remember for those extra curves to arrive and if you want to say goodbye to them for good it’s important it’s fat you’re saying goodbye to and not water weight or lean muscle tissue. If you follow the programme expect to say goodbye to half a kilo a week for however long it takes.

The good news? It stays off once the scales hit your target

(as long as you stay away from the junk food drive ins, the soft drinks, the fatty fast food & salty snacks) Yardy yardy yardy - it's all been said before)

Find out more about our approach to weight loss

Sports Training

Our sport training is code specific. We advise working with us pre season. We’ve got specialist trainers for most codes – so whether you need speed, to bulk up, or to be more accurate, we can custom design you a programme that will deliver.

Or Take Yourself On with
  • Weekly motivational meetings
  • Before and After Photos
  • A new challenge every 4 weeks
Stay Healthy

Want to stay in shape, keep up with energetic children, enjoy walking, gardening or golf and still have enough breath to talk at the top of steep stairs?? This is for you. We put together an individual programme that includes a few classes – all tailored to the muscle groups you need to use the most in your life.

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