Group Fitness FAQ

Are Group Classes For Me?

  1. Group exercise creates an atmosphere that is motivating and energising. You’ll get swept along (especially if there is music) and you’ll find it easy to motivate yourself.
  2. There is no planning or thinking required on your part. That’s all done for you by the instructor. Just turn up and join in.
  3. The commitment to a set time and place helps make exercise a regular habit.
  4. You can work at your own pace. E.g. you can choose how heavy your weights are in a pump class, or set your resistance dial in a spin class to suit your fitness level.
  5. Group exercise lends itself to great camaraderie among group members and the instructor. The social element makes it fun that exercising alone just can’t provide.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a class?
This depends on what you want to get from the class, for example, do you want cardio vascular (heart and lungs) fitness, strength gains, calorie burning, core and postural improvement, or a combination of all these benefits? First and foremost, the class should be at a convenient time and location for you.

I’ve got two left feet, do I need to be co-ordinated?
Many classes like pump, spin, circuits etc require no co-ordination at all. Some of the more dance inspired classes and step classes (which are set to music) will have an element of rhythm to them, but to be honest, nobody cares if you are out a beat or two. Just relax and enjoy the music.

What should I look for in a good instructor?
A good instructor will have relevant and up to date qualifications and be REPs registered. He or she should find out if there are new participants in the class and should provide alternative moves for those less fit or with injuries. Instructors bring their own personalities to a class so it is worth trying a few to see who works best for you.

What should I do the first time I go to a new class?
As tempting as it is to slink into the back row this is the last place you should go as you will not be able to see or hear well from there. Position yourself near the front and always introduce yourself. Make sure you tell him or her if you have any medical conditions or injuries before the class begins.

What should I bring to class?
A small sweat towel and a water bottle. If you use an asthma inhaler, please carry that with you.

FAQ by Class

Weighted Workouts

These classes use weights like barbells, possibly dumbbells, hand weights or your own body weight. (Common class names are Pump, ABT (Abs, Butts and Thighs) or similar).

What's the main focus?
Muscular strength and endurance.

Is there music involved?
Yes normally

What are the benefits?
Strength and toning, Weight loss, Stress reduction

Cardio or aerobic classes

The moves in these classes are designed to elevate heart rate. They can be themed (from dance or martial arts origins) or use equipment like a step.
Common classes are Step, Zumba™, Combat, Attack, Jam, Boxercise.

What's the main focus?
Cardiovascular (heart and lungs) fitness

Is there music involved?
Yes normally

What are the benefits?
Increased fitness , Weight loss, Stress reduction

Mind/body classes

There are eastern inspired classes which focus on alignment and posture. Breathing is also an important component to many of them.
Common classes in this genre are Bodybalance™, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi.

What's the main focus?
Core strength and postural work

Is there music involved?
Not Usually

What are the benefits?
Core strength, Postural Awareness, Flexibility, Balance

Combination classes

These workouts can incorporate many of the features of the above classes. They are excellent options for achieving good all round results.
Circuits or Bootcamp type workouts fit into this category.

What's the main focus?
Muscular strength, Cardiovascular fitness, Core strength

Is there music involved?

What are the benefits?
Increased fitness, Strength and toning, Weight loss, Stress reduction

Stationary cycling

These classes take place in a small room often with specialised lighting to create atmosphere. Each person has their own stationary bike with a variable resistance dial.
Common class names are Spin or RPM™.

What's the main focus?
Cardiovascular fitness

Is there music involved?

What are the benefits?
Increased fitness, Weight loss, Stress reduction