Evolve Services and Facilities

Evolve Fitness - The Gym

Evolve has the staff members you need who will:

  • Correct your teaching when it comes to technique, so you can perform exercises safely and effectively.
  • Give you regular, *free programmes and programme adjustments (*Platinum membership), so that you are always moving forward, challenging yourself, and making the most progress possible. (Gold and Basic memberships offer 1x assessment and programme on joining) 
  • Lead you in an in-depth analysis of your background and health issues, so that your fitness goals are tailored perfectly for you.
  • Provide you with regular help and advice, whenever you need it.

And our facility has:

  • A kid’s area, so that you don’t have to neglect your health even if you have children.
  • New bathrooms and showers.
  • A wide range of equipment, from free weights, exercise machines, and racks and benches.
  • A nutritionist who is on call, so we can provide you with excellent diet advice.
  • Dedicated physiotherapists from Active Physio.
  • An osteopath from Feilding Osteopathy.
  • A massage therapist from Physique Continuity, to help you relieve tension and stress.

Sure, you still need to do the work to get that body you have been wanting, but the work is made that much easier when you have everything that Evolve provides.
Helpful, well-trained staff, a massive gym filled with the latest equipment, as well as a community culture that can only inspire you to be your best. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, then you need to act.
So, contact us today, or just come down and see one of our staff members.